Limited edition products

Besides the main range of products developed by the design office “Turbomash”, our company manufactures spare parts for imported models of chemical equipment and provides services for major overhaul and modernization of compressor and pumping equipment of national and imported manufacture.

The company has its own design office and manufacturing base where we carry out such works: 

Complete repair of gear sets for multipliers with rotation speed up to 20,000 rev / min, providing a high degree of accuracy and class of surface.

We produce spare parts for reciprocating compressors (cranks, rods, crankshafts, connecting rod bolts and other parts).

Spare parts for pumps (working wheels, guide vanes, shafts etc.).

We produce cylinder bushing 4DVK210-10 (of high-strength cast iron VCH60) 6CHBK355-1, 6M40-320/320, 6M40-320/200, 2ShLK-1420 (of grey cast iron SCH30) other.

We provide manufacture and installation of the vibration granulators (units of melt granulation of nitric and complex fertilizers) under technical requirements of the customer (in cooperation with the Sumy State University).

Single unit special products and services

Non-standard special equipment of single unit production

The separate independent activity of the “Turbomash” company is the production of the special non-standard chemical equipment. Such equipment is designed and developed by the design office “Turbomash” specially for the client companies under the specific requirements of the customer instead of worn parts of imported models of equipment, equipment that out of production, samples of non-standard specially designed equipment supplied in a single form or by experienced parties.

The range of products and works performed:

High pressure filters for the oil system of the centrifugal blower is used in the production of acetic acid. It is designed to clean oil, filtration degree is 10 my (micron), capacity is 400 l/min. The material is steel.

Differential pressure regulator for the oil system of the centrifugal blower of acetic acid production. It is designed to maintain the desired pressure differential between sealing gas and sealing liquid by changing the flow rate of the latter. The material is steel.

Burners for the gas pyrolysis reactor, the production of acetylene. It is designed to enable the combustion of methane-oxygen mixture. Sometimes it is used in the production of acetylene. The material is chrome steel.

Mixers are designed for mixing methane and oxygen for the formation of methane-oxygen mixture. The material is chrome steel.

Five-threaded coil pipe and coil pipes of radiation parts. They are designed for heating technical oxygen in the production of nitric fertilizers. The material is stainless acid-proof, heat-resistant steel.

Diaphragms for the vacuum pump «GLARK», the production of acetylene. The material is aluminum.

Billet rods for compressors type 6M40 and type 4M40.

Pipe heater cooler for compressors type 6M40-320/320.

Elements refrigerator for compressors type 6M40-320/320 and type 6M40-320/200.