Science and cooperation

The research activity of “Turbomash” is one of the priorities of the company.
Our company is continuously engaged in research and is actively involved in research work carried out by the Sumy State University. It allows applying modern science and technology, organizational, technical and technological innovations in the performance of repair and modernization of compressor and pumping equipment.

As a result, in cooperation with Sumy State University a new direction of fabrication and installation of vibration granulators is mastered (units of melt granulation of nitric and complex fertilizers).

The directors of the company are the external reviewers of student’s research and diplomas of graduates of Sumy State University, the members of the organizing committee of the international scientific-practical conference “Marketing of innovation and innovation in marketing,” series of regional, national and international social projects.

The active research position allows the company to keep pace with the times, to apply modern science and technology in manufacturing equipment under the brand name “Turbomash”, develop dynamically, improve process efficiency, improve product quality and develop new directions.