Overhaul of gear with the replacement of gear pairs

Our company has considerable experience in carrying out major repairs to the replacement tooth gear pairs, manufacturing spare parts for compressors and blowers (GTT-3M H-540-41-1, Hensen 1, K-505-121-1, 6CHBK, CC-100 61 + KM5 KM5, 031327-08-1, SC 230/3-3, 5, 2SHLK-1420, 6M40-320/320, 6M40-320/200, etc.).

When major repairs carried out replacement of worn parts and components (including a pair of gears) with new ones. In the process of repair is performed “prikatka” of gear pairs. In problem areas bearings PDO can be mounted (see the “Bearings”). For example, when installing these bearings instead of standard cylinder, the gear, driven turbine, gas turbine power plant in the gearbox GTT-3M, has increased the reliability of the unit as a whole.