About the company

Turbomash was founded in May 1999. Nowadays it is one of the leading scientific and manufacturing companies of the Sumy region (Ukraine). We keep up our traditions carefully. Our company has more than 10 years of successful experience in the market of maintenance and modernization of pumping and compressor equipment for chemical, petrochemical industries, energy and metallurgy.

During our work we have recommended ourselves as a reliable, strategic business-partner for the majority of chemical companies in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Baltic States, Iran and Armenia.
The company has its own design department and manufacturing base. There we produce and carry out such works:

  • Complete repair of gear sets for multiplier with rotation speed up to 2000 rev/min providing high rate of accuracy and grade of surface;
  • Produce spare parts for reciprocating compressors (piston rods, rods, crankshafts, connecting rod bolts and other details);
  • Produce condensate drowned KsV pumps and ammonium AsV pumps developed under requirements of customers;
  • Spare parts for pumps (working wheels, guide vanes, shafts etc);
  • Repair and produce centrifugal rotors, liquid-packed ring pumps;
  • Carry out general maintenance of reducing gears with change of gear sets, produce spare parts for compressors and blowers (HTT-3M, Н-540-41-1, Hensen QHPC 1, К-505-121-1, 6ChBK, TsK-100-61, КМ5+КМ5, TS 031327-08-1, NTs 230/3-3,5, 2ShLK-1420, 6М40-320/320, 6М40-320/200, etc)
  • According to own models we produce cylinders for compressors DAO (iron casting), cylinders for ammonium pumps p.301 (of corrosion proof steel 03Х17Н14М3), cylinders for compressor 4DVK210-10, lights of compressors КМ5+КМ5 etc.;
  • We produce nonstandard specialized equipment according to the drawings and specifications of customers under specified manufacturing needs (mixers and burners of heat-resistant stainless steel – spare parts for reactor of pyrolysis for producing acetylene; aluminum diaphragm for vacuum-pump GLARK; compressor 3M3-8; five-threaded coil pipe and of radiation part – spare parts for heater of natural gas and oxygen etc);
  • We produce heat-transfer equipment of any difficulty of stainless, heat-proof, corrosion proof steel, copper etc.
  • Elastic dry MSK couplings to transfer torque of capacity up to16 mWt with revolving frequency of rotor up to 1600 rev/min;
  • Sliding damper bearings, thrust bearings for compressors, turbines, multipliers, pumps;
  • We perform service of centrifugal covering and recovering of bearings by babbit. We produce shoes for damper thrust bearings, etc.
  • Produce blades for steam turbine;
  • Manufacture bushes for cylinders 4DVK210-10 (of high strength cast iron VCh60), 6ChBK355-1, 6М40-320/320, 6М40-320/200, 2ShLK-1420 (of grey cast iron SCh30) etc.
  • We produce and mount vibrating granulators (granulation units of melt of nitric and complex fertilizers under technical requirements of the customer (in cooperation with the Sumy State University);
  • We provide the complex services in transit of piston-type compressors into dry friction (all complex of services from theoretical calculations to performance in metal and mounting on a position are fulfilled by the Philosophy Doctor, recognized as the expert in the field).

The quality certificate, design and technological documentation are given for every manufactured product. Supervision is carried out during the installation and warranty service equipment supplied.
Manufacturing is certificated due to the standards ISO 9001:2015. All works are carried out by the experienced specialists keeping to the norms and standards of GOST (State All-Union Standard) and also to the norms of technical requirements of the produced goods.
The contemporary system of organization and management of manufacture allows solving difficult production-technological aims at the earliest possible terms.
Our company takes an active part in scientific research conducting by the Sumy State University. It allows applying contemporary improvements of science and technique, organizational, technical and technological innovations while repairing and modernizing compressor and pump equipment.
We have worked out flexible price policy using individual approach to every customer. We have moved to differential calculations of rendered works and delivered goods with our constant regular clients. It means the flexible system of discounts depending on difficulty and terms of performance, the work by partial advance payment or payment after delivery.
The main component of our successful development is professionalism, scientific and creative capacity of our company’s workers, contemporary technologies of production and management, flexible price policy.
We never rest on our laurels. We develop dynamically and widen set of goods and look for new solutions. We consider our customers as business partners and ready to create mutually individual scheme of work, comfortable for each side.