Quality policy and certification

The production of “Turbomash” is certified by the standards of ISO 9001:2015. All works are performed by the highly skilled specialists in compliance with the requirements of GOST and technical requirements for product quality.
The quality certificate, design and technological documentation are given for every manufactured product. Supervision is carried out during installation and warranty service equipment is supplied.

Product quality is our daily task.

“Turbomash” company strives to maximize satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of customers on the basis of such a level of organization of production, which eliminates the inconsistency of our production to requirements of the world, national, corporate standards and customer requirements. The policy of “Turbomash” in the field of quality is an expression of values and principles under the Charter of the company. It is held centrally and is obligatory for all parts of the company. 

We proceed from that:

  • The customers are always seeking a product that will meet their needs and expectations. At the same time the customers want to have corresponding prices;
  • The quality of production is achieved through the prevention of problems rather than through the adjustment problems emerged;
  • Any performed work by our employees and suppliers is a part of the work of creating products for the customer. Therefore, everyone involved in this process affects the quality of the product;
  • Ensuring the quality of the production demands continuous improvement of management and production processes, therefore you need continually to search for the new solutions.
  • Each employee is both the customer and the supplier to other employees; therefore, fully performing their duties, they are entitled to expect good work from colleagues.

The implementation of quality policy is carried out by the performance of aims and objectives in the field of quality. In order to maintain continuous compliance with the changing market demands the quality system is permanently exposed to the critical analysis and improved. And this finds support and understanding with “Turbomash” staff.